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Traffic Stop Questions
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Joined: 24th Sep 2020
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10th Nov 2020

We would like our members input on questions and answers AIs should be asked then answered. Please comment below your Question that a LEO should ask and the answer the civilian should reply. 

Q; Do you know why i pulled you over?
A; No officer, Yes officer, I refuse, or here is my license.

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10th Nov 2020


1 Q. Hello, do you know why I pulled you over?

A. Yes I am not obeying the law
A. No I do not.

2 Q. do you have your driver's license on you?

A. Yes here you go...
A. No I left it at home.

3 Q. do you have proof of insurance?

A. Yes here you go...
A. I cannot find it.

4 Q. have you consumed any alcohol?

A. Yes but I am not drunk.
A. No I did not.

5 Q. is there anything illegal in your vehicle i should know about?

A. I refuse to answer that.
A. Not to my knowledge

6 Q. have you consumed any drugs today?

A. Maybe, maybe not.
A. No

7 Q. do you have any weapons on your person or in your vehicle?

A. Yes
A. No
A. I cannot remember

That is what I suggest.
Last Edit: 13th Nov 2020 by Oberg
Joined: 25th Sep 2020
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13th Nov 2020

I edited to conform to your format, please review.
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